MindMender Counseling Services, PLLC.

Is therapy right for me?

I’ve seen enough success in people to know that therapy can work, but unfortunately there are no guarantees.


When we look around us, what we usually notice are those who appear successful in life and we believe they have never hit a “road bump”. However, the majority of people do not make it through life without running into situations they find overwhelming resulting in bouts of depression and anxiety.

There are both benefits and risks associated with counseling and therapy. Risks might include the uncovering and experiencing of feelings of sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger or frustration, or having difficulties in relationships. Some changes may lead to what may seem worsening of circumstances or even loss (for example, counseling may not keep a relationship intact).

Clients I work with seek counseling for difficulties due to trauma, broken relationships, loss, adjustments, addictions, parenting, domestic violence, and codependency to name a few. 

Services we offer

My specialty is keeping families together but this does not mean that I only offer family work nor does it mean that I work with every age group.

I work with adults and will refer adolescents and small children to those therapists who specialize in therapeutic modalities for this age group. Individual, couple and group therapy are also offered for various reasons.

Individual Therapy

I offer family members individual therapy in order to get more specific about their own issues. I believe that if there is change in one family member then the family as a unit will change.

Couples Therapy

I offer couples the chance to explore their own unique relationship away from other family members. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is available to give family members an opportunity to explore and process specific issues.